Our Concrete


Hogg Fuel & Supply Limited takes extreme pride in the quality of all the concrete produced. All of our concrete mixes are designed to perform as specified. Any unauthorized modifications or any addition of additives to these mix designs, and/or any unsuitable use of the concrete can have a negative effect on the quality and durability of the product. To fully ensure quality control is maintained, any and all alterations and/or additives are explicitly prohibited and will null and void any and all product warranties.

Only test results performed by those technicians possessing a current CSA, ACI or CCIL Type J Certification card and done according to the latest CSA A23.1 standards will be recognized by Hogg Fuel & Supply Limited.

Our minimum deliverable load size is 1m3 unless otherwise arranged as this allows for accurate and quality batching. For a full line of products we offer please see the drop menu under "OUR CONCRETE"

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