Ready Mix Concrete Association of Ontario

Hogg Ready Mix is one of the few concrete producers in the province who have been members of the RMCAO (Ready Mixed Concrete Association of Ontario) since its inception in 1959. The Ready Mixed Concrete Association of Ontario acts in the best interest of Ontario's ready mixed concrete producers and the industry. It is fully funded by the membership (Active and Associate) and provides a broad range of services designed to benefit its members and the industry in general. With a total membership of about 180 companies, it is recognized as the authoritative voice of the ready mixed concrete industry in Ontario.

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Concrete Pavement - What You Should Know 
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Developed by the READY MIXED CONCRETE ASSOCIATION OF ONTARIO this document is intended solely for use by professional personnel who are competent to evaluate the significance and limitations of the information provided in this document, and who will accept full responsibility for the application of this information. The Ready Mixed Concrete Association of Ontario (RMCAO) disclaims any and all responsibility and liability for the accuracy and application of the information included in this guideline document to the fullest extent permitted by law. Please note that each project will have different circumstances that the owner and/or consultant must assess due to factors such as geographical area, locally available materials, subgrade conditions, environmental conditions, traffic loading, etc.

CANPavTM A Paving Cost Comparison Tool
CANPav™ was designed after extensive consultations with major road builders with the Ready Mixed Concrete Association of Ontario (RMCAO), as an online software modeling tool that quickly determines the cost advantages of using concrete as the paving material of choice for municipal streets and roads and commercial parking lots.

CANPav™ is unique because the user has complete control over the concrete and asphalt cross sections and the material cost inputs that will be used to construct the municipal streets or the commercial parking lots estimates. The advantages of CANPav™ are many. It quickly performs concrete paving cost comparison, evaluates both municipal streets and roads and commercial concrete parking lots, saves your cost estimates, as well as material cost inputs online and applies your cost estimates to all of your projects. PDF summaries of your cost comparisons can be saved and printed. CANPav™ also gives you online access to StreetPave software program for concrete roads and considers the cost effects of future maintenance activities
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Concrete Pavement ECO overview
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Concrete Pavements for Life
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