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Concrete & Sustainability

Sustainable Development, Global Warming, CO2, GHG, Social, Environmental and Economic issues, governments wanting to construct all public buildings that meet sustainable or LEED® accreditation, GreenGlobes, builders and homeowners wanting green construction to address concerns on energy generation and consumption and impact on the environment- these are all growing issues that owners, designers, material suppliers and contractors must address in order to identify and offer products and services as solutions. Download PDF

Concrete Homes
Technical brief on Energy Star Compliance with Concrete Homes
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Floor Slab Benefits
Technical brief on Concrete Slab Floors 
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Green Paving & Concrete
Thinking in Transportation Solutions
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Green Roofs
Technical brief on Green Roofs 
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LEED® - Building GREEN Reference Guide
Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) New Construction (NC) Guide - this document guides the reader in understanding the LEED program and areas where ready mixed concrete can be applied in a project to earn LEED points, enhancing its sustainability.
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Download LEED® MRc4 Calculator (.xls)
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Light Reflectance
Technical brief on solar reflectance
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Pervious Concrete
Technical brief on pervious concrete which allows water to drain naturally – reducing runoff, cleaning storm water, replenishing aquifers, conserving water and protecting streams.
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Polished Concrete Comparison Chart
Polished concrete versus other flooring materials comparison chart 
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Reducing the Concrete Truck Carbon Footprint
Outline of six areas where the concrete industry can reduce fuel use and its carbon foot print.
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Crushed Returned Concrete Aggregates
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